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Witty Name is a Mythic raiding guild on horde side US-Nordrassil. We raid Tuesdays and Sundays from 6pm to 10pm CST.

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On WoD raiding...

by Nhairne, 3 days ago

I have been asked several times when we are going to start raiding in Warlords. Highmaul is slated to open about two and a half weeks after the launch of the expansion. I'm guessing that date is Tuesday, December 2. Ideally we have at least 10 people that comprise the roles necessary to begin raiding that same day. Technically, we will begin raiding the flexible modes as soon as we are able to field a raid, and EPGP will begin then. My hope is that this will provide incentive for any stragglers to get moving. I am not going to institute any sort of minimum item level to begin raiding. It didn't work in Mists anyways. But as our goal is to get into Mythic level raiding as soon as possible, our goal as a guild should be to skip normal difficulty and begin with heroic. This is possible only if people put some effort into their own gear by doing heroic difficulty dungeons. It is my hope that the guild bands together to do them together instead of going off alone in the dungeon finder.

I am really excited for this expansion, but the new difficulty structure as well as the goals we have set for ourselves means that everyone will have to work extra hard to hit the ground running.

As of this writing, it is 42 days to our first raid.


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